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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to provide you with my presentation slides in advance ?

A. No, we don’t need anything in advance. Everything is captured in sync, in real time.

Q. I have an embedded video in my PowerPoint presentation. Will this work ?

A. Absolutely. Our system converts the presentation feed to a video stream. So videos will of course work, as will animation. Anything that can be sent to the projector will be captured including remote video feeds and Skype video conferencing sessions for example.

Q. How long will it be before my presentation is available for Video on Demand ?

A. There is no post production required with the Presenta system. Therefore it will only take the amount of time required to upload the recording file to our servers which will depend on the Internet connection at the venue - usually a matter of minutes.

Q. I want to remove a section from the presentation - is that possible ?

A. Of course. Basic edits can be made easily to the final recording. This is a very quick process compared to traditional post production and so does not delay the uploading for broadcast by very long.

Q. Will the footage from the cameras you use be available to me ?

A. Absolutely. We use solid state cameras i.e. not tapes. We can either copy the footage to your hard drive or give you a memory card to take away. You’re then free to use the footage as you please.

Q. Will I need any special equipment at the venue where my event is being held ?

A. No. Assuming you already have a projector and microphones booked at your venue there are no special requirements. There will, of course, need to be an Internet connection available if you are planing to stream your event live - however, as you can imagine, we have not come across any venues where this proved to be a problem for many years now. Do let us know in advance if you’re planning an event in the middle of a field, deep in the countryside though! (Although even this can normally be accommodated nowadays via 4G.