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Capture Everything


Why not invite partner companies to sponsor the streaming and/or recording. The inherently customisable nature of the Presenta system mean there is plenty of opportunity to feature sponsor logos either during the streaming or on the final recording.

Presentation and Presenter - in perfect harmony

Presenta provides a custom built capture system that records conferences and events, providing clients with a complete audio visual capture in one integrated recording.

Seamless Integration

Our system has been designed to capture and integrate live action, PowerPoint, sound, film, video,  PDF, Flash or any other presentation content and then upload it to your, or to Presenta's servers for On Demand delivery. Need to Skype in a speaker from off site? No problem, we can integrate that as well; and of course they can watch live via the web stream.

No pre-production, no post production

Presenta is about real time live capture. You don’t need to provide us with any content prior to the event. Presenta creates and produces high quality recordings that capture the entire content and delivery of your lectures and presentations with clarity, precision and ease. No out of date slide packs, no waiting for post production after the event until content goes live.

Maximise Value

Events and conferences are expensive to put on. Make sure you extract the maximum value from them. Recording all that valuable content means no one need miss a thing. Make use of it for training back at base or as a “member benefit”, depending on the structure of your organisation.

Real time Delivery

You can record your presentation ready for on demand delivery via the web. At the same time you can stream the same content live, to anywhere in the world. You can even take the High Definition footage from the cameras at the end of the event to edit for whatever purpose you desire; maybe a video podcast to summarise the event or a video promo for next years event.