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With our streaming service you can broadcast your conference or event live to the world as it happens. At the same time you can be recording the whole event for On Demand viewing at any time in the future - think of it as iPlayer for events. You can also receive feedback and questions simply and quickly via our email based response system which is included on the remote viewing page. These can be directed toward your conference chairman, or anyone else for that matter. Our standard server package (included) allows you to broadcast up to 100 delegates. If you need more than this then cost options allow you to scale up to virtually any number online.


Use on demand access to make your event available to those who couldn’t attend in person, or to allow those who did to review the wealth of information it contained at a later date. On Demand access to such events can be very useful as a training aid; or why not make it a value added feature for your society or organisation’s membership.


Our most popular layout is demonstrated right - the presentation slides are displayed to the left, the presenter is top right while company logo or sponsor branding is bottom right. The setup can be mirrored to put slides on the right, depending on which side of the screen the presenter is standing. Other layouts are available, for instance if a delegate or speaker is conversing via a live Skype link the screen can be split 50/50 so everyone can see both sides of the exchange. Indeed with a little prior planning it is even possible the change the layout mid event.