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Our equipment is highly optimised and compact. We make the best use of the latest technology so we won’t be trying

to hire you expensive broadcast cameras we bought 5 years ago, or racks and rack of equipment you don’t really need.

We typically need less technicians on site and easier transportation and setup mean less cost to you.

Quick Setup

Our highly customised system is small, portable and quick to set up. We would normally look to arrive 2 hours before an

event; but setup times of less than an hour are easily possible.

Flexible Distribution

The highly compressed High Definition universal video files we deliver mean you can distribute via the Internet, intranet,

CD, DVD, memory stick or any other modern storage medium. It’s possible to fit many hours of event onto even the

smallest device.


Sometimes you want to make an impact and large broadcast cameras, large numbers of technician with countless

flight cases of equipment are just what you need. However, we find for most conferences and events people prefer a discreet,

low key presence, which keeps the focus on the content and the speakers at ease.

Leverage Branding and Sponsorship

With our easily configurable screen layout it’s easy to brand your live stream or recording. Equally, why not get event partners to sponsor the recording or stream.


With the Presenta system you get a Live Stream, Multiscreen Capture and Camera Recordings all at the same time.

Remote Access

Attendees can review sessions they missed or couldn’t attend - ideal for breakout rooms and busy conferences.

Delegates who are unable to attend can catch up the even in their own time.Live streaming with feedback enables participation without the financial or environmental cost of travel; especially useful for pan-European or International events.