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Webcasting and
Conference Recording


Supporting Covid-19 Lockdown with Live Remote Meetings and CPD Recordings
Live Remote Self Webcasting with Self-Stream (New)
Live split screen recording and webcasting
Broadcast to all devices
Recordings delivered at the end of the event
A complete audio visual capture in one integrated video


Live webcasting

Our system has been designed to capture and integrate live action, PowerPoint, sound, film, video, PDF, Flash or any other presentation content in perfect sync. This can also include Skype, Slido, Zoom, WEbEx, Glisser, GoTo Meeting, etc.


Real time global Delivery

At the same time we are live streaming, we can record your presentation ready for on demand global delivery post event.  You can even take the High Definition footage from our cameras to edit for whatever purpose you desire; maybe a video podcast to summarize the event or a video promo for next years event.


Maximize Value

Events and conferences are expensive to put on. Make sure you extract the maximum value from them. Recording all that valuable content means no one need miss a thing. Make use of it for training back at base or as a member benefit for your organisation.


No pre-production, no post production

Presenta is about real time live capture.       You don’t need to provide us with any content prior to the event. We create and produce HD recordings that capture the entire content and delivery of your lectures and presentations with clarity, precision and ease.



Why not invite partner companies to sponsor the streaming and/or recording. The customisable nature of the template means we can feature sponsor logos either during the streaming or on the final recording.



Our split screen recordings are ready to take away at the end of your event. Use on demand access to make your event available to those who couldn’t attend, or to allow those who did to review the wealth of information it contained at a later date.


Seamless Integration

Need to Skype a presenter from off site? No problem, we can integrate that as well; and of course everyone can watch live via the live webcast.


Breakout room recording

We can also record multiple conference rooms so everyone can catch up on the complete event with full video and slide information.


Unique Templates

Customise our split screen template with company logos and sponsorship information.


SMS Text Q&A

Text questions to our virtual number.


Slido Capture

Show Q&A and voting in real time with video.



Integrate our template into Zoom.



Stream live to Periscope



Stream live to YouTube



Facebook Live

Why Choose Us

We have competitive pricing and flexible systems to fit all budgets


Honest and Dependable

We keep all our client information and recordings private.


We Are Always Improving

Updating and introducing new technology and solutions.
Developed for conference and event capture


We Are Passionate

Every event is totally unique and we enjoy helping our clients bring their ideas to life.

Our Clients

We have been webcasting and recording conferences since 2002.


MediaStudio Presentations Ltd
Trading as Presenta
Registered address
Northside House,
69 Tweedy Road,
Bromley BR1 3WA 

Office +44208 133 2540
Mobile +447958311574